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What We Do

We apply extensive human capital experience to make organizations, people, and people systems more effective through our validated suite of science-based offerings. 

Human Capital Diligence2023-03-27T11:24:00+00:00

Honing Confidence in Your Acquisition

Before you acquire a company, you need someone skilled in scientifically assessing both the leadership team and the existing HR practices. While you focus on diligencing the finances and operations, our team assesses the people and people systems. Depending on your specific situation and sensitivity, we tailor our process on the degree to which formal assessments are used. Some deal partners want us sitting in management meetings. Some want more formal assessments through personality measures and interviews. Either way, after our process, you’ll understand the personalities of the leadership team and our view of their likelihood to help or hurt your investment thesis. We will also assess the “company vibe” and existing HR practices to identify early opportunities for optimization.

Executive Assessment2023-03-28T19:59:11+00:00

The Science of Assessing for Successful Fit

Whether you’re replacing executives or adding to the team, you can’t risk a bad hire. Lodestone starts with the foundation of understanding your specific business, the associated investment thesis, and the top three business imperatives an executive must execute. This Understanding Business Context process is essential for our ability to “wire” validated, scientific assessment methods, competencies, and personality characteristics into the specific candidate assessment designed for your executives. We then provide you information on competencies, personality (including risks of derailing!), and likelihood of success in meeting your business imperatives. The cost of a bad executive hire is simply too great to leave to chance, your gut, or the word of an executive search firm who is overly eager to sell you on their candidate.

Our robust executive assessment process is not just for selection. Many organizations use it as the foundation for executive development and in succession planning.

Team Effectiveness2023-03-27T11:18:58+00:00

Whether a C-suite is new, partially new, or long-term in role, often with a new owner a new approach to team effectiveness is needed. Lodestone creates executive team workshops bespoke to each situation, and yet often the following are conducted.

Individual Executive Development2023-03-27T11:48:04+00:00

Existing leaders often need to “skill up” as you grow an organization, and newly hired executives need to accelerate their assimilation into the company. Both often need help navigating your board and each other.

Lodestone’s approach to leadership advisory services is to be targeted and time-bound. We don’t engage in prolonged, life-long coaching; but rather, we assess the most pressing 1-2 challenges and work with the individual on addressing those over the course of 4-6 months, then re-evaluate.

Group Leadership Development2023-03-27T11:15:25+00:00

From Lodestone’s flagship leadership development program to fully bespoke leadership training and development, group leadership training is a cornerstone of our program offerings.

Human Capital Process Optimization2023-04-11T16:10:25+00:00

Discover how Lodestone People Consulting can help your business obtain professionalized people practices.

Culture and Engagement2023-03-23T21:56:29+00:00

Increasing Productivity through Engagement

Whether it’s merging a new acquisition into your platform, executive or other team dynamics, an organizational engagement survey and action plans, or general leadership advising on more effective Town Halls… organizational culture encompasses a lot, and our experts will help your company leadership through all of it… both the proactive parts and the “sticky problems” that can quickly drive efficiency down and turnover and discord up. Lodestone has seen them all and will help you navigate them.

Accelerating Performance

Our solutions increase organizational effectiveness to increase investment alpha.

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